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Mid West Fire & Security employ a team of fully trained Electronic Security Technicians who operate across the country from our Galway and Shannon offices.

We understand that fire and security solutions can be difficult to comprehend sometimes so we have provided a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions, we would love to hear from you.

Residential Fire Protection

What is a conventional system?

Conventional fire alarm systems are a simple way of providing a fire alarm for protection.

An area is wired as a circuit (normally called a zone), beginning at the operation panel and ending at the last device. Smoke detectors, heat sensors and call points are placed on this circuit. A number of zones are required, depending on the building’s layout and size.

A system has up to 32 zones of detection. If an alarm occurs, the area affected shows up on the control panel in red light. The area then has to be searched to find out which device went into alarm – indicated by red L.E.D. on the device itself.

Detectors and call points are run on one circuit, while sounders utilise a separate circuit.

There is no way of programming devices to activate in certain ways, so the system provides a one in all out scenario.

What is an addressable system?

Addressable fire alarm systems are a more advanced way of providing fire alarm protection.

The area is wired as a loop, starting and ending at the control panel. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, call points, interfaces and sounders are placed on this loop. A number of loops might be required, depending on the building’s layout and size.

A system has up to four loops of detection. If an alarm occurs, both the location of the alarm and the affected device is indicated on the control panel. The device will also display a red indicator light to highlight its location.

Smoke detectors, call points and sounders can be run on the same circuit, which reduces installation costs.

Residential Security Solutions

How often do I need to maintain my security system?

Your security system should be tested at least once a month to guarantee it’s working perfectly and will trigger the necessary response in case of emergency. Full checking and maintenance is advised once a year.

Do I need my alarm system upgraded?

If you have your security system maintained regularly, it should work perfectly and prevent any threat from entering your property. However, there are always new technologies being released in the market to help you secure your house or business more efficiently.

Commercial and Retail Solutions

What is the difference between a domestic and commercial system?

A commercial system has a operational panel which controls and monitors all the installed detectors and alarms. It comes with an emergency battery to ensure operation in the event of a power failure.

A home system normally consists of a number of connected mains-powered detectors with backup battery power. They operate without the need of any control panel, but are interlinked (if one is in alarm they all are).

Am I required to have a fire alarm system?

Where you have a responsibility to provide a safe place of work and also have regular public traffic then you should ensure you have a fire alarm system.

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