Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting should be installed in every building, especially in heavily populated buildings. These lights should be placed near the entrances and exits, and also in halls and stairwells. These lights help people know how to get out of dangerous situations quickly and save valuable seconds. Emergency lights should be used in case of power failure, but they can also be used to indicate when someone needs to come into a room or hallway.

Emergency lighting is required in buildings for safety purposes. If your premises are small, or there is a lot of natural light coming into the building, you may not need emergency lighting. However if your premises is larger, or there is less natural light, you’ll probably want to get emergency lighting installed. We use fire industry approved electricians to install emergency lighting across the western region, and nationwide. Our emergency lighting engineers are fully trained in all of the appropriate standards. But just to give you that extra peace of mind, we also guarantee our emergency lighting installations for 12 months. 

Mid West Fire & Security employ a team of fully trained Electronic Security Technicians who operate across the country from our Galway and Shannon offices.

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