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Mid West Fire & Security Ltd Are experts in the fire alarm & detection industry, With over 25 five years experience in Design, Installation, Commissioning and Service & Maintenance.

Fire alarm systems are for life safety and all standards should be followed so as in the event of a fire all person have the opportunity of safe evacuation. 

It is a requirement under the Fire Service ACT 1981, that a premises with employees or sleeping accommodation have adequate fire alarm & detection systems and Fire Fighting equipment which is up to date and maintained.

Fire Alarm systems are designed and installed under the guidance document I.S. 3218:2013, The most up to date revision is I.S. 3218:2013+A12019. 

At Mid West Fire & Security we have electrical engineers that design our fire alarm systems, this insures that the fire alarm systems is right for the premises.

There are many types of fire alarm systems and many different ways to detect a fire using latest technologies, The most common type of fire alarm system would be Addressable Fire Alarm systems.

An addressable fire alarm system is an intelligent system that can identify the exact detector and location that has activated, this allows the user go to the exact point of interest to investigate as to whether its a fire which needs emergency services or a false alarm. 

The process for a new fire alarm system installation is as follows:


The fire alarm systems shall be designed by a competent person, as part of the process the design team should leas with others such as the fire officer, the specialist installation company, the client, architect, engineers etc.. We at Mid West Fire & Security pride ourselves in our quality and process that follow all relevant standards which allow us to provide the best service nationwide.


The fire alarm installation should be carried out by a competent person, this will ensure that the design which has been put forward by the design team is followed but also if there have been any structural changes that the design can be changed with the consent of the design team. As part of the installation we at Midwest fire and security will engage with the client to insure the installation is done to the highest standards but also with as little disruption as possible.


The final stage of the installation process is to commission the fire alarm system and test all elements to insure that it operating correctly, the systems is then signed off by the design team and the installation team which will then hand the system over to the end user.

This will involve training in the use of the Fire Alarm system and supplying all relevant operation and maintenance manuals.

For all existing fire alarms there is a requirement to maintain the system, this is carried out four times a year at intervals of 3 months. Your service provider is required to produce a test cert after every visit, this is a sign off document that you can produce to prove your system is being serviced by a competent person.

Mid West Fire & Security employ a team of fully trained Electronic Security Technicians who operate across the country from our Galway and. Shannon offices.

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