Intruder Alarm Systems


Most Intruder Alarm Systems are made up of a combination of both perimeter and motion detectors in order to provide full protection to the premises. Perimeter detection devices, including Vibration/Inertia Sensors and Magnetic Reed Contacts, protect the external doors and windows of the premises. The alarm is activated if an attempt to breach this perimeter is occurring.

Passive Infra-Red detectors (PIRs) or Dual Technology detectors are often referred to as motion sensors because the alarm is activated when they detect human activity. They are located within the protected space i.e. room or corridor, and can be selected to provide wide-angle, curtain (corridor) or ceiling mounted 360 degree viewing patterns.

You can choose from a variety of options when installing an intruder alarm system. These include wireless and wired devices, such as doorbell cameras, motion sensors, and video surveillance systems.

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