Full Refit Commercial – Full Suite Fit for Manufacturing Company in County Galway

A job was carried out about two years ago in a Manufacturing Company in County Galway in which the installation of a CCTV system, intruder alarm system, fire alarm system, and an access control system was completed. We started by wiring the building using Firetuff and steel containment to all the designed areas in the building. The type of system that we installed with an addressable Menvier fire alarm system.

The system will automatically address all the devices on the loop for us. If we want to find a fault, it’s very easy to deal with due to the nature of the system. The building was basically a new warehouse that was joined on to the existing building via a bridge.

We removed the fire alarm system from the original factory and installed a Menvier fire alarm panel. We then ran a cable between the two panels and connected them using a network. The system had now became one total system, even though it has two fire alarm panels. In other words, if the fire alarm goes off in the new building, the people in the old building go to their fire panels, can see where the fire is, and are able to silence or reset the system from either of the two panels. This system then was connected to elevators, AOVs automatic opening vents and gas line shutoffs via addressable IO units on the loop.

The fire alarm system that was installed and commissioned was a very user friendly system which was led to high customer satisfaction. We then installed an access control system for the secure areas of the building because this building has Pre-US clearance so the warehouse is a high security unit. We installed an access control system and we chose an Act Vanderbilt style system because it has very good capability for programming and is a very high quality product.

The AC equipment we use is normally Maglock on the door and these withstand up to 300 pounds of pressure and will keep the doors closed. The access control system then is a digital style system. Each access control door consists of a maglock green break glass unit that’s used for exiting the door if there’s an emergency as well as an act reader. A person would offer up a Fob to the reader and the door would open. To control that door then we have an Act 120 E controller. This is a control unit that reads the information that happens on the Fob reader and sends it back to the main controller, which would be in the comms room.

The user can control that system via their computer and issue fobs to the users out on the field and certain people in the building can be accessed certain doors, but not all doors, and say management would have an admin fob which would access any door. If the fire alarm system was to activate, it will send a signal to the access control panel in the comms room, which would then command all doors to automatically open to allow for safe evacuation.

Then we installed a HKC intruder alarm system throughout the new area of the building that was mainly wireless. We installed a HKC panel near the front door, bell box and internal sounder, and then multiple wireless door contacts and wireless HKC PIR sensors. The system is monitored via a GSM unit, which is a module that we plug onto the HKC panel, and it is used as a medium to communicate with the monitor in the station. There is a HKC app which gives the user a bonus of being able to access and control the alarm remotely on their app, no matter where they are in the world.

Lastly we put in a camera system and that was a HikVisions camera system. We installed numerous HikVisions four megapixel Dome cameras throughout the site, and they are all wired back to the Comms room where the camera system is networked for remote access. We also installed HikVision speed Dome cameras, intelligent Dome cameras. These cameras are state of the art as you can leave them in one position, say the entrance to a car park and once a car drives in, the camera locks onto that car and follows them until the car stops moving and they disappear. We installed four of them cameras throughout the building on each corner. They are active tracking cameras and have been very successful so far.