Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Midwest Fire & Security are a leading supplier of fire extinguishers in Ireland. We provide a full site survey of your premises to determine what type and size of fire extinguisher is best suited to your needs (Co2, Foam, Chemical, Water and Suppression Systems). Your fire extinguisher should be serviced annually. In some cases twice a year.

Midwest Fire & Security provide fire extinguishers in Galway, Mayo, Dublin , Athlone, Cork and more. We distribute our extinguishers from our head office in Galway city.

Midwest Fire & Security will train you and your staff on the full use of fire extinguishers. You may ask why? Well, for every type of fire there will be a different type of fire extinguisher to use. If you use a fire extinguisher incorrectly or on the wrong type of fire it can have devastating affects.

Correct use of Fire Extinguishers can be seen below:

Electrical Fire       – CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen Fire(oil)   – Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Furniture             – Foam AFFF Fire Extinguisher

Deep Fat Fryer     – Automatic suppression System

In Ireland fire extinguishers should be located in every commercial unit and any premises with multiple occupancy such as B&B’s, Hotels and Apartment blocks.

To ensure your premises is being maintained correctly and that you have the right cover contact us today.

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