Fire Alarm Risk Assessments Fire + Fire Alarm System Categories

There are many types of fire alarm systems in Ireland , each suited to different building types and applications . A fire alarm system can vary dramatically in cost and complexity – a single panel with a detector / sounder in a small commercial property to a fully addressable fire alarm system in a larger multi-occupancy building. We have provided an explanation of the different systems and general requirements. We can provide a fire alarm system to suit your needs and protect your property and life, contact us today for a FREE estimate and design.

The NSAI have released an update of the I.S. 3218:2009 this is now I.S. 3218:2013. Any person whom you permit to work on your fire alarm should have a training cert from the NSAI to confirm they adhere to these new standards.

There are many different types of Fire  Alarms, They vary from (L) which means the system is designed to protect life to (M) which is a manual system. The class (M) systems are being faded out and are generally not an acceptable standard. The class (L) has many subdivisions, L1, L2, L3, L4 and others. Your premises will determine which type of Fire Alarm system should be in place.

In addition to the Fire Alarm system Mid-West Fire & Security can also advise you on Fire Extinguisher Locations, Fire Extinguishers should be fitted throughout any public building and also any commercial building. 6 Ltr foam Fire Extinguishers and CO2 Fire extinguishers are the most common when paired together.

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